Yiggiy – You Need to Know This before You Join

Yiggiy is a technology enterprise poised to profit from two enormous economic segments; internet gaming and consumer advertising. Both of these major segments currently struggle with significant issues which create potentially lucrative business opportunities for those with solutions.
Yiggiy has developed a critical application that effectively resolves the problems of each segment, in ways that are extremely beneficial to all concerned.
The implementation of this solution has the potential to generate significant profits that will be sizeable and scalable, with continuous, long term growth.
In other words, we solved a need the fortune 500 have better than they expected
Applied it to Casino-Style-Games to make them legal, better, and us a whole bunch of money. The 7 Yiggiy Ventures we will earn from are:

• Yiggiy Poker
• Yiggiy Blackjack
• Yiggiy Baccarat
• Yiggiy Sportsbook
• The FUNdraising Wheel
• The Life Changing Challenge
• Steal the Deal

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Yiggiy helps Charities

One of the primary purposes of Yiggiy is to help fund the efforts of charitable organizations throughout the world. To accomplish this, Yiggiy has developed its Charity Match Program. Yiggiy matches the player’s winnings with a donation to the player’s chosen charity. While this presents a strong altruistic component to Yiggiy, it will also have a positive effect on enhancing its revenues. Charities often enjoy enormous donor bases. The Charity Match Program motivates charities to encourage their donor bases and broader audiences to participate in Yiggiy games. The unique program will have a positive impact on both the charity and Yiggiy.


Yiggiy Income Projections are based upon projected advertiser revenue, CPA completions, and charitable support.  All projections will be a function of the size of its player base. Currently, it is estimated that the online gaming population provides a potential pool of about 250 million players for Yiggiy games. The following two projections are based on a daily number of tournament entries, reflecting 100,000 daily entries and 1 Million daily entries. Obviously, the larger the user base, the larger the daily participation. The following numbers are annual projections for the 7 Yiggiy platforms involved in The Stellar Association agreement.

A Clearer Look at The numbers

Profits start when we average 100,000 daily plays over a 30 day period. Each position will return $78 per year at that time, which is $6.50 per month, because we are starting with just card games and not our real money makers like “Steal The Deal”Sine each venture makes a different amount of money it is hard to predict your returns unless we have an equal number of participants in each venture. For that reason, we are showing you what returns you get per venture. We have 3 milestone goals that are very important to us. The three goals are:100,000 daily plays (This is where we all start getting paid)4 Million daily plays (This is when the Super Bowl Design Contest starts)40 Million daily plays in all 7 ventures (This is when we are all annual millionaires)100,000 Daily Plays

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  • Renata Zoe Miller

    I put in $2,000 dollars about three years ago hoping I would be getting some money back by now so I could retire. I am 85 years old and still cleaning houses to make a living.. Is there any way I can get my money back? I don’t think I will live too much longer, and I could use the money. Please advise me on this matter. Thank you Zoe Miller

    • Dave Hogg

      Zoe I very much doubt you will get anything back. To me it is a total scam that has cost me a fortune with investments the thing I was married to made.??

  • rod

    if you followed it more closely you understand.. something big and build to last forever doesn’t happen over night.. your heirs will benefit more than you.. its always be when not if,, its as real as you.. my thoughts at 77 right behind you.

  • BILL

    MY name is BILL live in south TEXAS retired.joined in dec,2014, thats over 6 years,& iam a little older than you. give me a call if can. 903-413-3363. take care B.P.

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