MMM BSC What to Do After You Register

AFTER REGISTRATION IN MMMBSC, here is the next step

How to add wallet address to PO
First step is to create ERC20 Ethereum wallet that support PAX e.g Imtoken wallet, Myetherwallet, Metamask etc.
Recommended wallet for MMMBSC: is imtoken wallet
How to create imtoken wallet
? Go to playstore on your device

? click link to play store for imtoken download

? Click Install

? Click Open

? Click Create identity

? Tick agreement

Enter username

Create password
Password hint (any hint to help you remember password)
Ensure your write down or snap your 12 Mnemonic words giving to you and keep it safe. (I recommend you snap and save)
Because this is the key to access the funds in this wallet should incase you are changing your device or the device is missing. Treat the phrase like money itself.
Enter 12 mnemonic Phrase
Click next, next, next, get started.

How to add PAX token to imtoken wallet after creating wallet:
Click the + sign
Search for PAX token
Click the + sign by the side to add PAX

PAX is a stable token on Ethereum blockchain that is not subject to volatility
1 PAX = 1 UDS
♻️Why Does The System Choose to use PAX❓♻️
1️⃣、Supervision and auditing: PAX is the first company in the world to be regulated and audited by US financial regulators.
2️⃣、Smart contract: PAX is built on the ETH’s ERC20 underlying network to achieve intelligence.
3️⃣、No risk of ups and downs: PAX stable currency participates in the mutual aid system, and there is no risk of loss of price fluctuation.
4️⃣、The comprehensive assessment of PAX is the best: Stability, authority, high credit, trading volume, The key is that it can implement the execution of smart contract logic. So the system chooses to use PAX.
How to add wallet to PO
♻️Login to your PO
♻️ Click Account
♻️ Click the ADD Button
♻️ Input your wallet address in the wallet address column and click Save button also click get verify information and the system will generate pay address ♻️ Fund imtoken with ETH and Send 0.001 ETH (0.25$) to the wallet address generated by the system from your wallet address that you want to add to your PO. Ensure that the ethereum wallet you are adding is an ERC20 Token compliant wallet like Metamask, Imtoken, Myetherwallet, etc. If it is imtoken ensure to set miners fee on advance. Gwei 21 and gas 100000 then click next then ♻️ Click Verify information on PO after the 0.001ETH you sent has been verified on the Ethereum blockchain.
♻️ Wallet Address successfully added??send.


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