MMM Global 2019 Ponzi Scam or Legit ?

There is a lot of talk on whether or not MMM global 2019 is a ponzi scam. Before we go further, let’s define MMM Global 2019.

mmm global 2019

What is MMM Global 2019 ?

MMM Global 2019 is a global mutual aid fund with the goal to connect participants who want to provide help with those who need help through its website. The participants transfer money, acting of their own free will. MMM global 2019 uses its Decentralized Blockchain Smart Contract to write the traditional contract terms into the blockchain in the form of a code(computer program). This kind of contract is very hard to breach. The code or the smart contract does not know who you are, and it has no emotion or interest relationship. As long as you meet its conditions, it will be executed immediately. Blockchain smart contract does not need mutual trust because it is enforced by code and is completely free from any human factors controlling its execution. Blockchain contract mechanism and data can’t be tampered with. It is fair, just, open and transparent, and everybody can trace blockchain data. Its operation is not affected by the control of any centralized administrator or system administrator. The Decentralized Blockchain Smart Contract of MMMGLOBAL2019 is more honest than any bank or any licensed financial institution (by 100 times)! There will be no trick or cheat here, anymore! The Decentralized Blockchain Smart Contract System eliminates the natural contradiction between participants and administrators fundamentally, reestablishes the trust mechanism of financial banking and reshapes the global centralized financial order.

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How MMM Global 2019 works ?

Now, let’s take an example. let’s say you want to provide a help of $100 to another community member in need, there are two big buttons on the home page: “Provide help” and “Get help”, and please click “Provide help” to input the help amount to generate an order. MMM system would match a community participant in need of help; you transfer to the participant by paying the help amount. Just in this way, you can finish the whole process of providing help. In your “User Center”, you will get the reward of 100 Mavro and the reward would grow immediately! Your Mavro will grow at 1% per day, up to 30% monthly; just in a month, the initial 100 Mavro will grow into 130 Mavro. However, this does not need to wait a month; by the 15th day, you may apply for getting help from others; just by clicking “Get help” on the home page of MMM system, you would get financial assistance from other participants in the world. Just like you did, they transfer the money to you; just in this way, you turn your Mavro of MMM system into the fund needed for your daily life. The operation is simple and you will be clear just after one use. This model allows each participant to cast off the slaved money-making life!

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Compensation Plan
There are 4 compensation plans in MMM Global 2019. You can access them by clicking here

To conclude, MMM Global is a very good system because of the blockchain technology it is running on. Also, no one seems to complain about it. Until people start treating the system of scam, we can say with assurance that’s a ponzi scam

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