MMM Bsc Read This Before You Join

MMMBSC contract address ranks 2nd in the global Gas fee users on the ethereum blockchain meaning that our system contributes to the congestion being experienced on ethereum lately. Considering our present community’s population and it growth rate it’s important we find a firsthand solution to this development to reduce the congestion rate we are contributing to the global ethereum network so that MMMBSC transactions too can be processed more smoothly considering our growth rate

?In order to reduce the congestions being caused by our system to the overall ethereum blockchain performance we have decided to modify some system rules to reduce the numbers of transactions being generated by our community participants. These modifications are not to the smart contract of the system because the smart contract address of the system still remains the same!

?You all need to understand that the MMMBSC blockchain smart contract is the contract code for all accounting calculations in the control system, but all the operation process is completed through the buttons on the MMMBSC website page. The rules for modifying the operation flow are completed on the MMMBSC website server.

In addition, you must also understand a basic common sense of blockchain contract code:
? Once the contract code is released, it cannot be modified. If the contract code is modified, the contract address needs to be changed. As long as the contract address is not replaced, it is impossible to complete the modification of the contract code. This is the basic common sense of smart contracts.

? here is to change the terms to reduce the transaction records:

▪️1:Mavro funds order the minimum quantity for the 10 pax and 10 pax multiples (this will reduce the number of orders frequently create Mavro fund, and to encourage early buy in bulk for use)

▪️2:PH order amount is 100 pax and 10 pax multiples (reduces the small amount of users consume resources)

▪️3:GH exit pages cannot exit cut into sections. Can only fetch all the displayed quantities (this reduces the number of partitions)

▪️4:GH page every lowest 100 pax. Example: GH withdrawal page shows recommended award/management award/manager award. Each bonus up to 100PAX can be withdrawn. Reduce the number of withdrawals to reduce the transaction rate per transaction.
GH can extract donation + donation income times and amount are not limited.

? timeout mark X order modification:

▪️1:order matching, still showed 48 hours of the countdown, countdown to red font.

▪️2:matching orders more than 48 hours did not pay.
Continue the 72-hour countdown to green

▪️3: the countdown after using the 48 + 72 hours is still not complete the payment. Order mark X. The system automatically returns 100 points for X orders.

▪️4:new member registration system can get 300 points for free.

? MMMBSC management office

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