Hashing as Space updates 3/11/2019

Hi everyone,

I am pleased to announce our transition
to P.o.S only minting was successful!

Our Minters are now enjoying
a massive increase in Asimi earnings!

Congratulations to everyone
that has Staked and minted.

We are working hard behind the scenes
to improve Hashing Ad Space every day.
Here is what we are working on


Firstly, I would like to apologize to anyone that
has had issues resolving support queries.

We want every member of Hashing Ad Space
to able to get the answers they need.

Our highest priority right now is training
new support staff and build our new support page.

Our new support page will be live on Monday.
At that time, our support services will improve dramatically.

If you have any unresolved queries,
Keep an eye out for my update on Monday
along with access to our new support system

Again, I apologize for any delays and look forward
to resolving any support query you have.


We are working toward a full transaction ledger
for each member in your back office.

If you have any questions about earnings
or your account balance,
this will help ensure everything is clear.

Promotions and Bonuses

Is coming this week! ūüôā

The future of Hashing Ad Space

We all know how simple and powerful
our Ad Minter Asimi minting is…
It is easy to focus on that one point alone.

That said, The future for Hashing Ad Space
will be so much more.

Minting is just one part of a planned ecosystem
filled with features and products.

Over the months ahead, we will enable

– Several new advertising products

– Incredible advertising features,

– Affiliate, tools, training and marketing material

Working toward a Blockchain technology to support it all.
This will ultimately leave Hashing Ad Space
almost entirely decentralized.

We want Hashing Ad Space to be
THE PLACE to advertising your opportunities.

We want our members to be in FULL control
of their Asimi, minting and advertising at all times.

We have an exciting future!

You are in the right place ant the right time.
The coming years are going to mean big things
for Hashing Ad Space and our community.

As always, thank you for being here

Luke Millard
Hashing Ad Space, CEO

Level 13, 50 Cavill
Surfers Paradise, QLD
Australia 4217

PS. Keep an eye out for the Hashing Ad Space Road Map coming soon.

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