Hashing Ad Space Updates

This is the 01/04/2019 hashing ad space update

The Last Day for Free Minting.

The last day for free minting is: Monday, 11th of February

Everyone can mint one free ad until that time 🙂
After that (Tuesday), every account will no longer see the free mint of 1 ad per day.
From that time, all minting rewards go to the members that have minting stake setup as we follow the POS principals

Commission and balances

If you have a team minting, you ARE earning 10% of your referrals

new minted Asimi tokens that they mint each day.

This is a big deal. It means that as your team mint for this next year and beyond,

you earn Asimi commissions every day!

Building your team now and helping them get started minting means

you secure a residual commission income,

for a minimum 1 year (If your team stake, and then mint daily)

That is BIG! Take massive action

The 10% commission is being calculated, but currently not displayed.
It will be added to your account balance soon.
(Commission is calculated on New, mint earnings not return of stake portion)

The best part about this commission is it is WIN-WIN.

Your referrals are earning, and so are you!

This is the 12/22/2018 hashing ad space update

Firstly, Welcome to all our new members!
We have reached 8000+ members and this is just the beginning!
What an incredible start! We appreciate your early support!

Below find some important updates: (PLEASE READ IN FULL)



We are paying real tokens every day!

Simply watch 1 ad each day and you will earn your share.

You are in the pre-launch, that means above average earnings.
Make sure you take advantage.

Click the “Start Minting” blue button EVERY day to earn.



Due to requests, we will push the mobile minting development forward.

This is great news for advertisers who
wish to set up mobile device specific advertising campaigns.

And great news for Minters who want to Mint on their mobile device!

This will take some time to implement,
but we are working toward it prior to launch day.

If you ONLY have a mobile device, you can try “desktop mode” to mint ads right now.

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We are aware some members are not receiving activation emails.
If any of your team is missing the activation email. Follow the steps below.

NOTE: Our email system for direct registrations is functioning CORRECTLY


Step 1: Ask them to check spam.

Step 2: “Safe list” and do a search for our email addresses in your inbox.


Step 3: Try and register again and double check you have entered the correct email address.
(We have over 100 bounced emails as a result of incorrectly entered email addresses)

Step 4: Have you setup “bitbounce” on your email? If so, you’ll need to register again using a different email address. There are no exceptions to this rule.

Step 5: After trying all of the above, Contact support.

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We are still planning to launch in early January.
(Likely to be the second week)

At that time:

Purchases, Deposits, Withdrawals and Trading will become ACTIVE.

Asimi will be fully traded on the DEX, allowing anyone to buy and sell Asimi on that same day.
It is the market that will set the price for ASIMI from Day 1.

We are looking forward to launching and will provide the official date as soon as we confirm it.

NOTE: As you know, everything is currently free!
This offers you a huge chance to EARN tokens and build your teams.
Now is the time to take MASSIVE action.

You will be glad you did 🙂


We are breaking records EVERY day with:
Minting; Earnings; Advertising Delivery; and New Members!

Thank you for all of your support!
We are grateful to have such an amazing community growing.

Have a great Christmas/holiday period 🙂

Hashing Ad Space Team

PS. Our entire team will be on reduced hours over the next 4 days.
Please enjoy the platform and what we have to offer, but most of all have a great break yourself. Our mission at Hashing Ad Space is to allow people like yourself to find more freedom and choice in life through substituting or replacing your income. That starts now, so enjoy the holiday 🙂

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