Hashing Ad Space Update 2/19/2019


It has been truly remarkable how fast Hashing Ad Space has grown!
We feel very fortunate to have such great community building!
Thank you for being part of it.. 🙂

Current Stats

– Hashing Ad Space has grown to 72,000 registered members
(Now growing at an average of 2000 members a day)

– Asimi has been trading steadily all week between $2 and $3
reaching a high of over $4 per Asimi

– We have already paid 10s of thousands of Asimi in withdrawals

– We have had thousands of Stakes set up

– Sold almost 50,000 Asimi worth of advertising products

– Members are still minting for FREE and earning Asimi tokens
that they can use as they choose!

– This week as seen HUGE Asimi rewards for Stakers/Minters!
Members minting 100 ads are earning over 50 newly minted Asimi tokens per day!
(PLUS the Return of Stake portion)

It takes less than 20 minutes to mint 100 ads…
Certainly a notable Asimi income for 20 minutes work!!
Congratulations to those /minters taking massive action.

Overall, I think you will agree that Hashing Ad Space is booming
and becoming a big success story.


This last week I have dedicated my time almost entirely
working behind the scenes.
I have been working on improving the technical systems,
As well reporting and our Support system.

My goal for Hashing Ad Space is to be active in the community.
Not managing the technical and support issues,
However, this has required all of my attention this week.

We are in the process of hiring 2-3 new staff members
for our growing business.
They will be helping with support and community management

We know it is important to have clear and frequent communication.
That is our goal, and we are working toward it.

Our new support portal should be live this week, which will help too!

Account balances.

Some members have seen a variation in the account balance.

We are working on a significant update to your transaction reporting.
That way you can see ALL transactions, and any changes that may have occurred,

This will be a full log of every individual transaction in
your account balance giving you a full understanding
of your account and Asimi at all times.


Our promotions page will be loaded soon.

Congratulations to all the people that have achieved our sales promotional levels!
You will be notified and receive your Asimi bonuses this coming week. 🙂

Security and access

As you may know, we completed a security upgrade.

As per a previous email,
you must reset your password to gain access to Hashing Ad Space.

If you are having trouble with access,
please use the “Forgot Password” button under the login form.

We are working hard to make Hashing Ad Space better every day!

Our team and I are working almost every day
(I have not had a day off in MONTHS) and we are progressing.
Your patience with support is appreciated as we continue to improve the site.

Thank you again or being part of the Hashing Ad Space community,
we hope you are enjoying what Hashing Ad Space has to offer.

Luke Millard

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