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AI.MARKETING: The best cashback deal both the Internet and the offline store next door has to offer.

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    Let’s start with what Ai marketing is about:

    First, global Product Analysis and Promotion system analyzes trends in social media and search queries. The analysis results are used to select the keywords and trends gaining popularity regionally.

    Second, programs/products that correspond to regional trends are mainly selected since our platform is connected to cashback programs of numerous websites (over 50).

    Third, The marketing team orders advertising based on the trends in a particular region using Google AdWords, Yandex Direct, social media and other Internet platforms.

    After customers attracted by the advertising purchase a product or service, the Cashback Program Operator notifies us about the cashback via API and an accrual with the “Pending” status appears in your personal account.

    For more information about Cashback Operators, please refer to There you can also find information about the cashback confirmation time, the amounts and the individual confirmation rates for each operator. The provided values are average and may vary. By the way, if you would like to watch the video that explains how Ai marketing works, check below

    After the Cashback Program Operator confirms a purchase (if the customer does not request to refund or return the purchased ticket or product, for example), we receive cashback and you get 55% of the cashback amount while ai marketing website gets 45%. Cashback confirmation time depending on the cashback program and can take from 16 to 60 days. The cashback you receive is displayed in the “Cashback” account.

    45% of the cashback received by ai marketing mainly forms the company’s earnings. These funds are used to cover operating activities and to back up the MarketBot Protect fund. MarketBot Protect fund covers payments to clients when customers return of refund the product or service and the Cashback Operator cancels the payout. Want to make money with ai marketing? Keep reading below


    By the holiday season our analysis system detects that the word combinations “last minute tour”, “cheap ticket” and “book hotel” have become trendy.

    We select cashback programs from travel industry websites such as OneTwoTrip, Booking, Teztour, etc.

    We order massive advertising in the selected areas.

    After customers make purchases, accruals will appear on your account as “Pending” in the “Sales” section of your account.

    After the cashback has been confirmed by the Cashback Program Operator, money is received on the “Cashback” account and is available for withdrawal. This video also explains how Ai marketing works

    Want to make money with Ai marketing? please follow the steps below

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    2. Comment below “I would like to make money with Ai marketing”
    3. I will respond by providing how I made a lot of money AI marketing


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